Java Jigsaw Modules over Oracle

This article demonstrates a case study of the changes required by a true application so as to form use of the new Java Platform Module System (JPMS).  Note that you simply don’t have to be compelled to do that so as to use Java 9, however an understanding of the module system (often brought up as Jigsaw) can little question, over time, become a vital talent for Java developers. I’ll practice the steps I took to refactor a Java 8 application that was already organized in a very standard fashion, to use the new Java module system. Download Java 9

Firstly download and install the most recent version of JDK 9. This is often presently an early access unleash (this article uses 9-ea+176). Till the impact of Java 9 on your system is known, you almost certainly don’t wish this to be the default Java version. Rather than change $JAVA_HOME to purpose to the new installation, you’ll want to make a replacement surroundings variable $JAVA9_HOME instead.  I’ll be victimization this approach throughout this text. Oracle admins have over 300 patches to deal with these days, however one that ought to be thought-about a prime priority may be a bug within the E-Business Suite of business applications that might permit an assaulter to download information while not the requirement for authentication.

Java Jigsaw Modules over Oracle

Key Features

  • Implementing applications in a very standard fashion encourages sensible style practices, admire separation of considerations and encapsulation.
  • The Java Platform Module System (JPMS) lets developers outline what the application’s modules are, however they’re to be employed by alternative modules, and that alternative modules they rely on.
  • It is feasible to feature JPMS module definitions to applications that were already employing a completely different system to outline the application’s modules, e.g. whiz modules or Gradle subprojects.
  • The JDK comes with tools to assist developers migrate existing code to JPMS.
  • Application code will still have dependencies upon pre-Java-9 libraries, these jar files are treated as a special “automatic” modules. This makes it easier to migrate bit by bit to Java 9.

The vulnerability, CVE-2017-10244, was self-addressed in today’s quarterly crucial Patch Update, however given the crucial apps and information moving through the suite, and therefore the potential period of time needed to patch, it’s unknown however long it’d reckon the majority of installations to be update and therefore the risk be slaked fully. Researchers at Onapsis in camera disclosed the flaw to Oracle in Gregorian calendar month, and printed some details these days. Chief technology officer Juan Perez-Etchegoyen told Threat post that attackers trying to take advantage of the vulnerability are able to realize exposed Oracle east by south instances through Google or Shodan searches. He aforementioned an assaulter would wish to grasp the structure and east by south parameters to take advantage of the vulnerability.


The feature you’ll hear most concerning within the context of Java 9 is Project Jigsaw, the introduction of modules to Java. There are legion tutorials and articles on precisely what this is often or however it works, this text can cowl however you’ll be able to migrate your existing code to use the new Java Platform Module System.

Many developers are stunned to be told that they don’t need to add modularity to their own code so as to use Java 9.  The encapsulation of internal Apis is perhaps one in every of the options that considerations developers once considering Java 9, however simply because that a part of Jigsaw might impact developers doesn’t mean that developers have to be compelled to absolutely embrace modularity so as to form use of Java 9. Perez-Etchegoyen aforementioned that initial searches conducted by Onapsis found over 1,000 east by south systems connected to the web, however he estimates that range may well be abundant higher.

Oracle east by south is accessed through the browser and users will reach business information and conjointly execute processes to handle crucial business data. The suite includes applications that handle CRM, financials, service and provide chain management, procural apps and far additional, creating it a juicy target for criminals trying to legitimatize purloined business information. Onapsis aforementioned Oracle east by south versions 12.1.3, 12.2.3, 12.2.4, 12.2.5 and 12.2.6 are affected; this was patched at the side of 21 alternative east by south vulnerabilities, some of that were in camera according by Onapsis. Fixture east by south, and alternative similar suites, may be a challenge offer the customizations and integrations concerned. Researchers have exaggerated their attention on ferreting out vulnerabilities in these crucial business app suites from Oracle, SAP and others; famous Oracle zoologist David Litchfield speaker concerning the east by south attack surface last year throughout a Black Hat talk. These package bundles are crucial to any business running them, and there’s comparatively very little data out there on the way to secure them, Onapsis aforementioned.


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