How to enable JavaScript in Safari

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How to enable JavaScript in campaign

This guide can step you thru the method of sanctionative JavaScript in campaign.

Click the “Safari” menu, opt for “Preferences”

Make sure you have got a campaign window open and active; you’ll see the “Safari” menu within the prime left of your screen. Click it, so click the “Preferences” item.

Click on the “Security” tab

Click the “Enable JavaScript” checkbox to change or disable JavaScript

If the checkbox includes a tick image it means that JavaScript is enabled; if the checkbox has no tick and is empty, JavaScript won’t be enabled in campaign.

Close the “Preferences” window

Click the red dot within the prime left of the window to shut the “Preferences” window and resume net browsing. Succeeding time you load a webpage, your new setting can become.

JavaScript is currently enabled

Congratulations, you only enabled JavaScript. Click here to substantiate that JavaScript is currently enabled.